At, you are getting to take advantage of our economies of scale and proprietary technology that helps you source and secure the best service relationships for your business.

How it works…

  1. Complete our application form and submit all documents you want
  2. Our technology analyzes the services and providers that would be the best fit for your business
  3. You get a clear report that provides options for each service/product and next steps for an RFP
  4. We collect your requested RFP documents via our secure online portal
  5. We provide you with pricing, negotiate terms and help you get started with implementation with your new provider

How much it costs… doesn’t cost you anything up front. We simply take your information and look for the best deals. We are compensated a few ways; if you achieve savings (we take 25% of those savings), loan brokering fees (paid by the lender), partnership alliances (to help achieve economies of scale), and annual maintenance fee (but only if you retain us to monitor your services).