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Being a dentist is hard. Running a business is hard. Doing both well, is really hard. well.financial has experts that have worked in the dental industry for years. We are obsessed with finding ways to help you streamline on key vendors and save on the services you need for your practice to operate smoothly. This helps impact your bottom line and it helps save time so that you can focus on your patient care. It is easy to apply, just click here.

Current Savings Opportunities

Data as of: 1/11/21 @ 6.30 am EST

Business Loans

+ Rates as low as 3% for Real Estate
+ Rates as low as 1.99% for all else
+ Loan amounts $5K up to $10MM

Business Insurance

+ Premiums reduced for dental risks by 40%
+ Competitive Marketplace with new players
+ Cyber coverage still 75% cheaper than risk

Employee Benefits

+ Opportunities to reduce rates by 30%
+ Access to major networks readily available
+ Lower deductibles reduce OOP costs by 40%

Dental Industry Benchmarks

Average Dental Practice profit margin is 25%
Average Revenue for all dental practice specialties is $807,000
85% of Dentists report being stressed
Additional dentist adds $265,000 in new revenue

The majority of the other 75% are all overhead and operating costs and there really isn’t that much room to cut corners.

While the average revenue of practices continues to increase, the amount that the owners get of that revenue however is decreasing.

Dentists and their employees all report time pressures being the main reason for stress. Finding ways to mitigate those pressures is hard, especially as you grow.

Bringing on a new dentist into your practice comes with a lot of advantages, but integrating them into your practice can be challenging.

Dental Industry Blog Posts

Helpful information and best practices from dental industry experts on how to save or find efficiencies in your practice.

More ways to save money at your dental practice

1. Keep a close eye on collections. Many practice managers mistakenly count revenue without factoring their collection rate. If you earn $10,000, but only collect half of it, you can’t gather the payments needed to run your practice successfully. There are several ways to improve your collection rate, according to Dental Economics magazine: • Make sure the…

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