Our 6 Step Savings Process

At well.financial, you are getting to take advantage of our lending relationships, variety of sources, proprietary technology, subject matter expertise, and friendly persistence that helps you source and secure the best loans and service relationships for your business. 

Step 1

Complete Initial Application

You complete our initial application to let us know what you want to evaluate along with contact info…

Step 2

Quick Screening Call

We set a brief call to speak and review your answers and get some important additional data points…

Step 3

Thorough Savings Analysis

We take your answers, information and data and interface with specialist providers to find you savings…

Step 4

Generate Savings Report

We generate a clear savings & features report to show what you can save, and clear next steps…

Step 5

Gather Required Documents

We gather some important info from you in order to get final pricing & terms from providers…

Step 6

Implement and Begin Saving

You choose which services to replace, then choose how you want to implement them, Done!

How much does it cost?

The core of our savings services doesn’t cost you anything: It’s behind what we do. We simply take your information and look for the best deals and depending on the services you choose to use, we are paid a few simple ways; loan fees paid by the lender (if you get financing), referral fees or alliance revenue share agreements (if you sign up for one of the many vendors we work with) or shared commissions (if you select one of the insurance or employee benefit services). There are even some services where we just hook you up with the best deal, while getting nothing for it.

If you like us, there are some things you can pay us for directly

Manage Package: If you want a technology platform to help you in which to manage your vendors enrolled with us, it’s $50/mo

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Our platform helps you take all of your vendor contracts, renewals, contact information and consolidates it all into one-place. You will get alerts to key dates for your current services and our platform will regularly scan the market for better deals and if there is one to be had, we’ll let you know…no matter where you are in the fiscal year.

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Sourced Package: If you want a full outsourced vendor and project management solution, that starts at $800/mo

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If you are wanting to better scale your operations to new locations, or if you have a new vendor and want someone else to manage the entire implementation process, then we can help. Our full outsourced solution comes with a dedicated project manager focused on handling key administrative functions to help your team focus on your core business, versus spending weeks of working time working on projects or with vendors.

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