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The business of veterinary medicine is rewarding, but continues to have its challenges. Part of the challenge is in actually running the business. well.financial has experts that have worked in the veterinary industry for years. We work hard to find ways to reduce your overall expenses. This helps impact your bottom line and it helps save time so that you can focus on your patient care.

Current Savings Opportunities

Data as of: 1/11/21 @ 6.30 am EST

Business Loans

+ Rates as low as 3% for Real Estate
+ Rates as low as 1.99% for all else
+ Loan amounts $5K up to $10MM

Business Insurance

+ Premiums reduced for vet risks by 40%
+ Competitive Marketplace with new players
+ Cyber coverage still 75% cheaper than risk

Employee Benefits

+ Opportunities to reduce rates by 30%
+ Access to major networks readily available
+ Lower deductibles reduce OOP costs by 40%

Veterinary Industry Benchmarks

Managing the business/finances is the #1 reason why DVM’s don’t want to own their own practice
Average Revenue for all veterinary practice specialties is $746K
Half of DVM’s are satisfied with practice ownership
Average EBITDA is 15% and Multiple is 5.6X

70% of practice owners say that managing the business and its operations is hard and it’s tough to find people to manage it.

Average revenue & profit of practices continues to increase however, hiring a new DVM is also getting more expensive.

More practices are for sale and not as many buyers want to buy them. Work/Life balance happiness goes down with time.

The better a practice makes room in profits in order to get a higher payout when they sell is key, but it also helps long term.

Veterinary Industry Blog Posts

Helpful information and best practices from veterinary industry experts on how to save or find efficiencies in your practice.

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